About Us

RAJAMEC GROUP for feeding industries has been established on 1997 to enhance the home appliances’ manufactures of the components of (Gas cooker, Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Water heaters and washing machines).

We establish factories for producing oven gasket, refrigerators gasket, push button switch, Spark plugs, and Teflon &Silicon wire) in addition to supply gas valves, generators, timers, motors, non-return valve,….etc).



  • Address:
  • Office:157 Saqara Tourist Road,5th floor-Maryotia-Haram-Giza-Egypt
  • Factory1: Km3 Cairo Alex Agriculture Road Qalioubia, Egypt
  • Factory2: CPC Industrial Zone, 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt
  • TEL/FAX:002-02-42102807  / 002-02-33873797
  • MOB:002- 0100-0006504
  • International Sales: Mostyn Baker- M:+44- 7944920110
  • E-mail:

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